The Mummy


Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Thriller  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.5


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Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake Johnson as Chris Vail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chalice_Of_Evil 9 / 10

If you enjoy seeing Tom Cruise get the living snot beat out of him?then this is the movie for you!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by trublu215 9 / 10

Among The Worst Summer Blockbusters I've Seen

The first of Universal Pictures' new 'Dark Universe' movies, The Mummy, doesn't exactly bode well for what's to come...assuming further movies even happen after this. Hoping to create an interconnecting universe of classic monsters doesn't work if you haven't thought things through properly, and as others have speculated, this feels like it's not been properly planned out at all. The previous iteration of The Mummy, the 1999 version starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, might not have been a 'masterpiece', but it was a good old-fashioned action/adventure movie that was at least FUN and *entertaining*. This one? Not so much.Things get off to a rocky start with a rather dull/boring opening featuring a crusader buried with a red jewel which will become important later. We're then treated to what feels like a rushed backstory to the movie's title character, the mummy herself, Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella, who deserves so much better than this to show her talents and was the only reason I even saw this movie). The backstory isn't anything new/exciting. She did something bad, tried to raise some ancient evil, but the ritual was interrupted and she got mummified for her trouble (in a surprisingly less gruesome flashback than Imhotep's from the '99 movie). We're then introduced to one of the least heroic 'heroes' ever, Tom Cruise's Nick Morton, and his offsider, Jake Johnson's Chris Vail, in a typical shoot-'em-up/explosions aplenty action scene that somehow manages to not be exciting/interesting at all. They're 'liberators of precious antiquities' (ie. looters/thieves) and Nick is kind of a jerk. Annabelle Wallis' Jenny Halsey agrees, and her entrance involves her delivering a well-deserved slap to Nick's face (he slept with her so he could steal from her). They're soon thrown together by Courtney B. Vance's man-in-charge, Colonel Greenway, and descending into a big hole guessed it, they unwittingly awaken Ahmanet. As they're transporting said corpse via airplane, things start getting hairy when Vail (looking the worse for wear after earlier being bitten by a creepy-crawly) turns all murder-y and Nick's forced to put him down. Then birds start hitting the plane and it plummets. In a seemingly heroic move, Nick gives the last parachute to Jenny and saves her life (it'll later be revealed this wasn't in fact entirely the case) and he next wakes up in a morgue. Before you can say "An American Werewolf in London", Nick's seeing Vail looking all corpsified and gross as he delivers ominous messages to Nick who is also experiencing visions of Ahmanet. Seems he's been 'chosen' by her for a second attempt at raising that ancient evil with the ritual she was so rudely interrupted during the middle of previously. It involves a dagger and that red jewel.Cruise and Johnson attempt to convey camaraderie between their characters, but their 'banter' falls flat. There's not much humour in this movie, and what little it has rarely works. The biggest laugh in my theatre came from Jenny's reaction to seeing Ahmanet straddling Nick at one point. I think calling her character 'useless' is a bit unfair. She saves Nick at least once or twice (which is kind of her, considering he was going to ditch her/leave her to fend for herself against the mummy's minions at one point) and is certainly less of a jerk than him. The romance that Cruise and Wallis try to make work between their characters doesn't really succeed much (there's a line uttered by Nick to Jenny towards the end of the movie which Wonder Woman did SO much better). Meanwhile, as mentioned elsewhere, you'd think that a movie title 'The Mummy' would, you know, have more of the actual MUMMY in it. Alas, poor Sofia Boutella is underutilized. She does what she can with the material she's given (probably her best/most effective scene was the one she shared with Jenny after having been captured/imprisoned). I was almost on Ahmanet's side rather than Nick's. Sadly, Ahmanet's powers aren't as neat/interesting as Imhotep's were (except for the trick with the irises/pupils in her eyes splitting in two). Though at one point she does pull the same face-appearing-in-sandstorm stunt as he did. At least she gets to toss Nick around like he's a that's something. Here's hoping she's better utilized when/if she appears in a future installment.Russell Crowe feels like he's acting in a different movie as Dr. Henry Jekyll. At least he looks like he's trying to have some 'fun' with the role, but even when we're introduced to Mr. Hyde (who isn't really much different to Jekyll, other than having a different accent/looking all veiny), it's not enough to save this film. There's some cameo appearances by some of the 'classic' monsters (in the form of pieces of them in jars), but the movie as a whole lacks cohesion. The ending is especially WTF-worthy, as the impact of certain character's deaths is completely undone (not that they had much to begin with), how Nick 'saves the day' is rather anticlimactic, and what happens to/becomes of him is somewhat vague.As much as I wanted to like this film, it's just hard to find anything particularly memorable about it. The action scenes aren't overly memorable, the characters' dynamics aren't that interesting, there's no snappy dialogue, not much depth and nothing really that makes you go "Wow!" (unless your "Wow!" is immediately followed by "That was BAD!" in reference to the movie). I don't mean to sound so harsh, but it feels like all this movie achieved was setting up what's yet to come, and even then it doesn't appear as if they have a clear idea of what exactly is going to happen. If the 'Dark Universe' is to become a thing, they're going to have to try harder than this subpar first outing. Do yourself a favour and see Wonder Woman instead (and if you've seen it already...then see it again).

Reviewed by 9 / 10

Dark Universe off to a bad start

If #TheMummy is supposed to be the beginning of Universal's ambitious Dark Universe that showcases their classic monsters in one big shared cinematic crossover, then they're off to a terrible start.There's probably only a couple of sequences that somewhat thrill, the rest are just a continuous string of one poorly written, poorly acted and poorly executed scene after another. It feels more like sitting in a dentist's waiting room as opposed to rockin' on a roller coaster ride. And Tom Cruise is just wrong for this role, a huge case of miscast. Perhaps they should just press the reboot button again.Sofia Boutella plays an evil ancient princess imprisoned in a tomb deep beneath the unforgiving desert. When a couple of treasure hunters and an archaeologist awaken her in our present day, she returns to life to reclaim her destiny while at the same time unleashing unimaginable terrors in this new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters. Co-starring Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe and Jake Johnson, directed by Alex Kurtzman.The concept of what the writers and director Alex Kurtzman is trying to present to us with "The Mummy" is nothing new, in fact it's quite predictable, but the biggest problem about it is that along the way from point A to point B, they fill it in with moments that just don't work. And it gets even more frustrating when they bring it up again the second, third and fourth time as if shoving it down our throats would make it better. The jokes fall flat so much so you kinda feel sorry for Jake Johnson who clearly wants to make some effort as this film's comic relief. There are also parts that are just absolutely pointless and unnecessary. The characters including Dr. Jekyll frequently draw conclusions out of their butts. I do think "The Mummy" is what happens when the story is forced to serve the visual spectacle instead of the other way around. That said, rising star Sofia Boutella is a marvelous choice, she exudes that thirst for power effortlessly in addition to being incredibly seductive.But of course, just as expected, instead of it being a movie about Sofia Boutella's The Mummy, it becomes all about Tom Cruise, who as I said earlier is just awfully wrong for this role. I understand that the studios probably think that banking on a A-lister would translate into box office results, but fact of the matter is outside "Mission: Impossible" franchise, Cruise just doesn't fit anywhere else anymore. The character that he plays here is is a thieving treasure hunter, much like Nathan Drake from "Uncharted" games, but all you see on the screen instead is special agent Ethan Hunt desperately trying to be someone he's not. By the end of "The Mummy" you're going to have second thoughts about anticipating the next installment of this Dark Universe, and you're going to want to wish Brendan Fraser had still been around.-- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by GomezAddams666 9 / 10

Welcome to a new world of mediocrity.

The Mummy has had countless iterations of the character grace the screen for the better part of the 20th Century. With the 1932 original and the fun but lazy 1999 remake and anything in between, we pretty much got it. It can be scary or it can be action packed as it seems Hollywood has left there to be no in between for this type of film. Unfortunately neither of those extremes apply to this one. The Mummy is a pandering and very meager attempt at cashing in on a potential franchise. It's sad to watch because it feels like the studio made this. This doesn't feel organic in any way, shape or form and relies on CGI filled action sequences, Tom Cruise, and cheap scares that end up being unintentionally funny to progress the story. None of which comes off the way it should.The story is absolute crap to put it as lightly as I can. It is plotted so on-the-nose that you can't have anything left up to your imagination except for some scenes of violence that may have been too much for a PG-13. Outside of that, everything is spoon fed to us as the audience. Instead of making you feel like you can keep up, the movie treats its audience like we are stupid and still expects us to continue watching. Honestly, I almost walked out at certain points, it got that bad. Especially during the scenes with Crowe's Jekyll, which are so heavily plot oriented that you can't get a feel for his character and when you get the chance to, it fails, crashes and burns.The cast is surprisingly strong on paper but director Alex Kurtzman fails to utilize them in roles that best suit them. Tom Cruise is really the only cast member that fits the part which, when considering what genre we're talking about here, is a horrible thing. Courtney B Vance, who delivered an awards caliber performance in American Crime Story, is watered down to nothing more than a mere walk on role. Russell Crowe is so obviously doing the film for the paycheck, it feels like he isn't even acting and he is just reading queue cards. As a fan of the cast and the 1932 original, I was left completely disappointed by everyone here. Director Alex Kurtzman, who went from directing a small indie to all of a sudden directing this big bombastic action summer blockbuster, feels out of his element here and misses the beats of a good action movie and completely neglects everything that could make a great horror film. The Mummy is by far one of the worst blockbusters in recent memory and stands as a major misfire for Universal's Dark Universe and Tom Cruise.

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