Thor: Ragnarok


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Miroslav Kyuranov 9 / 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Andrey Boyadjiev 9 / 10

Jokes aren't misplaced

Real or not this movie is one hell of a journey! The story is truly serious and great, the fun moments are tons! The cinematography of action scenes is just unrealistic good. Hela is one of the best MCU villain so far! Cate Blanchett just killing in it in this role. She looks sexy, furious and also got her arc in the movie, which is big step, thinking about previous Thor movies. Hulk got so many epic moments, that I just can't count. Valkyrie fits perfectly in the ne "Revengers" team such a good actress. Loki is fan favourite again! Every moment with Tom Hiddleston on screen is awesome. The movie it's so colourful and extraordinary, so you can watch it again and again and again! The score of the movie, the intense scenes, I mean I really love this movie. Is the best one among all of the three Thor movies. Firstly because it feels like whole new story telling, and secondly it's also one of the best MCU movies. Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us truly great movies, and like a die hard MARVEL fan I appreciate that.I will not reveal the plot or some big details of the movie, I want you to enjoy yourself first, but you'll not be disappointed at all! Hela is epic, Odin got his role in Ragnarok and there are some HUGE details that'll lead to Infinity War and you'll lose your mind when you see them. MINOR SPOILER: Someone is coming!

Reviewed by denizcimen 9 / 10

How could they manage to do this?WOW

I know some people are worried about the humour on this movie.The humor used excellently in this movie.This movie to me,is at least on the same level with Guardians of the Galaxy 1.I mean both guardians and Thor 3 made me laugh but never felt cringe or sensed any forced jokes.There were also very intense and emotional moments in this Thor movie The fight sequences were so damn epic.When it comes to action,this movie is close to Lord of the Rings 3.They did a good job on reflecting the epicness of the Ragnarok event.I am not even into marvel.I just like epic movies like Lord of the Rings.But the last trailer of the movie got my attention.And I made one of the best decisions of my life by watching it.Hela,Valkyrie,Hulk,Thor,Loki,Skurge they all did pretty good job.Especially Hela.She was so gorgeous and menacing at the same time. Tessa Thompson kinda surprised me with her great performance btw.

Reviewed by harunilgin 9 / 10

Damn you Marvel!!!!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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