Yoga Hosers


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelknobbe 9 / 10

If you like Kevin Smith content, go see this movie.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Lyon Richardson 9 / 10

If you know what your getting into...Solid fun!

Let me say that first and foremost you should absolutely go see this movie if you're a fan of Kevin Smith movies. Being a fan of his many podcasts and TV shows doesn't hurt either because while this is a fun movie, at no point did I as an audience member forget that I was actively watching a Kevin smith film. The best part of this film for me was that it was abundantly clear that the people on set involved in this movie were having a good time making it which is absolutely refreshing. The only downside, though minor, was that it didn't really pull me into the universe that this film lives within as much as it could have. But hey! GO SEE THIS MOVIE AND FIND YOUR OWN OPINION OF IT! Mr.Smith, onto Moosejaws please :)

Reviewed by Don_Cheech 9 / 10

So Bad - Its Good

Kevin Smith definitely didn't shoot for the moon, or aim to make this for everyone, or even most...he made this for his fans from the Podcast, and to give his daughter an avenue to stretch her new found skills.The movie is fun. the performances in it all shine at different moments...the two standouts being Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe and Tony Hale as Lily-Rose Depp's Dad...Solid and funny.The girls grew on me after awhile...which was surprising, only to the fact that watching teen girls on their phones and chatting back and real life can be annoying...But Smith makes it funny, and paced well.Overall...if the preview intrigues you...see it.If's OK to's not for you.

Reviewed by Michael_Elliott 9 / 10

A Comedy Without Any Laughs

Saw the "premier" in NJ. First off, let me say Kevin Smith seems like a genuinely good dude. Actually - he is undoubtedly a great dude. Listening to him speak about film and the whole process was inspiring. It seemed like I was hearing one of my buddies talk. Very down to earth- but at the same time he'll throw out something ridiculous - but hilarious. Listening to him speak was arguably better than the movie. For the record- I wouldn't consider myself a HUGE Kevin Smith fan. I like him- but you know. I'm not one of the die hard Kevin Smith fans. I respect the hell out of him. I must admit though, I haven't seen his latest films."Yoga Hosers" had its moments. Johnny Depp is almost unrecognizable and had everyone laughing. For him to go from Black Mass to this is mind-boggling. Talk about versatility. The two main girls might not sit well with people - but with Mr Smiths prologue - I understood their performances. They are supposed to be brats who are obsessed with their cell phones. The movie has a bunch of cameos whom people will recognize from the past and enjoy seeing again. It also had a cool 80's arcade vibe. It's obviously not meant to receive Oscars or critical acclaim; but, nevertheless, it's a fun flick- with some interesting performances. The story itself is silly- in that unique Kevin Smith way. I did feel bad after at the Q and A when he kept saying he was a crappy filmmaker and that he has no skill (comparing himself to Tarantino). I know he's being humble, but it just didn't seem right hearing that. Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats? Classics man. He represents NJ well. I wanted to shout out but I was working. I think he just felt it was important to acknowledge the haters, and I respect that.So- yeah. This is a tough movie to review. The best way to put it - it's so bad it's good. I think that's the point. It definitely had funny moments. Even some creepy ones. It is a comedy though - before anything else. It's a movie for all ages really. The theater was sold out and cracking up. I do kinda wish they used less CGI - but for this type of story - it is somewhat necessary. It's a shame people have labeled it as "a play date" just because of the father /daughter + father/daughter thing. That's what Mr. Smith said at least. Overall, if you're feeling up for a weird, funny B - movie and you're a fan of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp- I suppose it's worth a watch. I had a good time. Like I said- it's so bad it's good.6/10P.S. Very cool to learn Kevin Smith and I were born at the same hospital. Riverview Medical Center.

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